Pathogen detection

With the outbreak of Covid-19, our technical team focused their combined 75 years plus of experience to look at developing a high quality, cost effective RT-PCR test for SARS-Cov-2. They were successful in developing a high quality one-step RT-PCR COVID-19 kit.

The team have been able to apply the knowledge gained during this development work to further optimise and enhance our patented PACE® technology to produce custom Pathogen Detection Kits for either DNA or RNA testing.

The development of the kits is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Sequence submission and design
    1. Customer supplies 3CR team with DNA/RNA sequence of target
    2. 3CR designs assay(s) and orders primers
    3. gBlocks are also designed and ordered for validation of the assay(s)
  2. Assay development
    1. 3CR validate and optimise the assay(s)
  3. Assay delivery
    1. Pre-validated and optimised kit are shipped to the customer
    2. Kit consists of validated assay and PACE master mix (plus RT enzyme for RNA kits)
    3. Customer uses the kit to test samples on in-house qPCR instrument

Should you wish to re-order a repeat kit, simply let us know and we will send another validated kit

Part NumberVolumeMaster MixNumber of ReactionsReaction Vol.Price USDPrice EURPrice GBP
PATH-DNA-VAL1 mLPACE10020 μL$590€500£420
PATH-DNA-REP1 mLPACE10020 μL$420€350£300
PATH-RNA-VAL1 mLPACE-RT10020 μL$700€600£500
PATH-RNA-REP1 mLPACE-RT10020 μL$530€450£380

N.B. Re-ordering a pre-existing assay is less expensive than the initial validation due to the fact that gBlocks required for the validation are only ordered for the first validation (although customers are welcome to send their samples for validation also). While re-ordered kits will still be validated with gBlocks, the validation is not as expensive as we would already have the gBlocks in-house.

Pathogen Kit