Delivery commitments

Delivery Commitments

At 3CR Bioscience, we understand the frustration in ordering a product and expecting it to be delivered in a timely manner only to find that it will take several weeks before the product is delivered. 

That is why we make a commitment to our customers to mitigate against this concern. We endeavour to:

  • Ship all orders within two working days of an order being placed for orders up to 2 L.
  • For orders larger than 2 L, where possible, we will ship the whole order within two working days. If we are unable to ship the whole order, we will ship the first 2 L of the order within two working days and the remainder of the order within one week.
  • Orders to the Americas and Asia will only be shipped on a Monday, Tuesday, or Friday to avoid reagents sitting in customs over a weekend.
  • Orders to Europe will ship every day apart from Thursday for the same reason.
  • For customers ordering more than 12 L per year, we are happy to allow the customers to hold one month of stock on their site, as an un-invoiced back-up supply of our products.

Please feel free to request a visit to our manufacturing facility, we’d be more than happy to see you here and show you around.