ProbeSure multiplex price list 2022

ProbeSure™ Multiplex Master Mix Pricing 2022

Part NumberVolumeReference DyeMaster Mix Conc.Number of ReactionsReaction Vol.Price USDPrice EURPrice GBP
006-00012.5 mLNil2x50010 μL$113€98£82
006-000210 mLNil2x2,00010 μL$400€342£286
006-000325 mLNil2x5,00010 μL$909€778£649
006-0004200 mLNil2x40,00010 μL$6,018€5,160£4,300
006-00051,000 mLNil2x200,00010 μLenquireenquireenquire
006-00062.5 mLwith ATTO 6332x50010 μL$113€98£82
006-000710 mLwith ATTO 6332x2,00010 μL$400€342£286
006-000825 mLwith ATTO 6332x5,00010 μL$909€778£649
006-0009200 mLwith ATTO 6332x40,00010 μL$6,018€5,160£4,300
006-00101,000 mLwith ATTO 6332x200,00010 μLenquireenquireenquire

General information:

  • 1,000 mL, 250 mL and 200 mL part numbers are supplied in 250 mL bottles
  • Smaller aliquot sizes can be requested and provided for an additional 5% surcharge
  • All prices are exclusive of shipping costs and local taxes.

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