Quality control

At 3CR Bioscience, we take the quality of our products extremely seriously. After all, customers are paying for products that they expect to work consistently well.

Our team have in excess of 75 years experience in reagent quality control (QC) and we have used this extensive knowledge to develop a QC protocol that ensures our mix performs to the highest standards, over and over with every batch.

To ensure that our products are suitable for delivery to customers, we apply a rigorous QC procedure to every batch, not only testing the mix to set parameters, but also running comparison tests against previous batches of mix that have already passed QC.

All batches of our master mixes have a unique Certificate of Analysis (C of A) that can be viewed or directly downloaded from this website.

Click to view PACE, PACE-IR, ProbeSure or ProbeSure-IR Certificate of Analysis pages for your particular batch of mix.