About us

Who are we?

Founded in 2017, 3CR Bioscience Limited consists of a group of friends and scientists, with over 75 years of relevant experience in the industry, who wanted to develop a company to make scientific reagents affordable for all. We share the belief that more affordable reagents will empower scientists to produce more data, pushing our understanding further to bring about a positive change.

Meet the team

   Steve Asquith - Managing Director

    • BSc (Hons) Genetics from University of Liverpool
    • 5 years at GlaxoSmithKline working in the Genetics Division – worked as part of the team setting up GSK’s high-throughput genotyping core laboratory
    • First employee of KBioscience (founded by Phil Robinson & Jon Curtis in 2002)
    • Key driver in taking the company from small start-up to multinational service laboratory
    • Set up the DNA extraction service lab
    • Along with Phil Robinson and John Holme, set up the manufacturing process and facility
    • Responsible for the genotyping, DNA extraction, manufacturing and quality control teams over a 6-year period during which time genotyping grew in revenue to >$7.5m p.a.
    • Post-acquisition by LGC in 2011, Steve was appointed Global Director of Operations for LGC Genomics, responsible for over 100 staff in Europe and N.America
    • During a transition period at LGC Genomics, Steve also took on the role of Technical Services Director, responsible for technical support and R&D for the division
    • Once LGC changed ownership in 2016, Steve took the opportunity take some time away from work.

IMG_0942 (2)  Dr. John Holme - Technical Director

  • BSc Dual Honours Genetics and Microbiology, followed by an MSc in Industrial Biotechnology and finally a PhD Genetics and Physiology of Streptomycetes
  • Microscience Ltd. working on vaccine development
  • Joined KBioscience as employee number 3 in 2003
  • Head of the Technical Development group until 2011, John co-invented and led the development of products such as KASP™, KlearKall, KlearGene, KlearAmp and KlearTaq™
  • Products developed by John and his teams have brought in revenues in excess of $15m p.a.
  • Post-acquisition by LGC in 2011, John was appointed Head of Technical Group for LGC Genomics, which included R&D and technical support
  • Developed a dedicated technical support group within LGC Genomics, as this had previously been managed within R&D
  • Over 16 years practical and management experience within genomics, in the areas of R&D, process development, manufacture and QC, customer technical support and troubleshooting.

  Dr. Nisha Jain - Operations Director

  • BSc Biological Sciences followed by an MSc & subsequently PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Worked as Scientist at Geneform Technologies in Research and Development of Iso-thermal Genotyping Technologies
  • Pursued career in KBioscience and then LGC as Senior R&D and key account Technical Support Scientist
  • Developed advanced version of KASP™, Klearkall and co-inventor of two versions of KASP™
  • Overall, more than 15 years of working in plant molecular biology and genotyping technologies with extensive experience in the areas of R&D, Quality Assurance and Customer Technical Support
  • Passion to continue further development leading to the introduction of new products to market, pushed Nisha to join 3CR as an Operational Director.

Sarah H photo   Dr. Sarah Holme - Digital Communications Manager

  • BSc (Hons) Genetics from University of Sheffield and PhD from Dept. Molecular Biology & Biotechnology, University of Sheffield
  • Over 15 years post-doctoral research and development experience in microbial engineering and genomic analysis methods. Sarah has held positions at Molecular Medicine Unit, St James Hospital, Leeds, Phico Therapeutics, KBioscience and LGC Genomics
  • Experienced life sciences writer / editor committed to producing concise, accurate and engaging science communication
  • Sarah runs a successful freelance science communication business working with commercial and academic clients on a wide range of projects including editorial articles, application notes, website content, blogs and other digital content
  • Initially drafted from R&D to produce high-quality content to promote LGC’s Genomics products and services for genotyping, sequencing and extraction across all areas of human and agricultural research and industry. Also involved with marketing activities including developing marketing strategy, leveraging of content and social media.

  Wendy Botten - Continuous Improvement Manager

  • Over 20 years experience within the manufacturing, food production and scientific service sectors
  • Strong background in quality assurance, processes, customer service and team management, with particular interest in process improvement
  • Work Study Officer (Ensco Giftware Group), responsible for setting standard times for all aspects of manufacturing processes, in a piece-work environment, across three sites. Recommending and implementing improvements to maximise productivity and profit
  • QA (Princes Group) for multiple production lines across various shift patterns, monitoring and sampling of aquifer, microbiological testing of product and product release, preparation and participation in various internal and external audits
  • Began at KBioscience in 2008, working on aspects of genotyping lab and operation of multiple robots.
  • Lead the set up of the DNA Extraction Service lab and subsequent management of the lab, growing it to in excess of $1.5m revenue in year one
  • Responsible for several continuous improvement projects within different areas of the LGC Genomics business and implementation thereof.