About us

Who are we?

Founded in 2017, 3CR Bioscience Limited consists of a group of friends and scientists, with over 75 years of relevant experience in the industry, who wanted to develop a company to make scientific reagents affordable for all. We share the belief that more affordable reagents will empower scientists to produce more data, pushing our understanding further to bring about a positive change.

Meet the team

  Steve Asquith - Managing Director

    • BSc (Hons) Genetics from University of Liverpool
    • 5 years at GlaxoSmithKline working in the Genetics Division – worked as part of the team setting up GSK’s high-throughput genotyping core laboratory
    • First employee of KBioscience (founded by Phil Robinson & Jon Curtis in 2002)
    • Key driver in taking the company from small start-up to multinational service laboratory
    • Set up the DNA extraction service lab
    • Along with Phil Robinson and John Holme, set up the manufacturing process and facility
    • Responsible for the genotyping, DNA extraction, manufacturing and quality control teams over a 6-year period during which time genotyping grew in revenue to >$7.5m p.a.
    • Post-acquisition by LGC in 2011, Steve was appointed Global Director of Operations for LGC Genomics, responsible for over 100 staff in Europe and N.America
    • During a transition period at LGC Genomics, Steve also took on the role of Technical Services Director, responsible for technical support and R&D for the division
    • Once LGC changed ownership in 2016, Steve took the opportunity take some time away from work.

IMG_0942 (2)  Dr. John Holme - Technical Director

  • BSc Dual Honours Genetics and Microbiology, followed by an MSc in Industrial Biotechnology and finally a PhD Genetics and Physiology of Streptomycetes
  • Microscience Ltd. working on vaccine development
  • Joined KBioscience as employee number 3 in 2003
  • Head of the Technical Development group until 2011, John co-invented and led the development of products such as KASP™, KlearKall, KlearGene, KlearAmp and KlearTaq™
  • Products developed by John and his teams have brought in revenues in excess of $15m p.a.
  • Post-acquisition by LGC in 2011, John was appointed Head of Technical Group for LGC Genomics, which included R&D and technical support
  • Developed a dedicated technical support group within LGC Genomics, as this had previously been managed within R&D
  • Over 16 years practical and management experience within genomics, in the areas of R&D, process development, manufacture and QC, customer technical support and troubleshooting.

  Dr. Nisha Jain - Operations Director

  • BSc Biological Sciences followed by an MSc & subsequently PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Worked as Scientist at Geneform Technologies in Research and Development of Iso-thermal Genotyping Technologies
  • Pursued career in KBioscience and then LGC as Senior R&D and key account Technical Support Scientist
  • Developed advanced version of KASP™, Klearkall and co-inventor of two versions of KASP™
  • Overall, more than 15 years of working in plant molecular biology and genotyping technologies with extensive experience in the areas of R&D, Quality Assurance and Customer Technical Support
  • Passion to continue further development leading to the introduction of new products to market, pushed Nisha to join 3CR as an Operational Director.