About us

Who are we?

Steve Asquith and Dr John Holme founded the dynamic, customer-focused 3CR Bioscience Ltd. in September 2017.

Having gone from start-up biotech to corporate, Steve and John wanted to re-gain control and flexibility over their work and decided to go back to what they enjoyed doing most, namely developing quality new products at most cost-effective prices. Having their own company enables them to make quick and dynamic decisions on how best to improve their products to meet their customers needs.

Together they have led teams that, using products that they have developed, delivered in excess of $100m revenue.


IMG_0941 (3)  Steve Asquith - Managing Director

  • BSc (Hons) Genetics from University of Liverpool
  • 5 years at GlaxoSmithKline working in the Genetics Division – worked as part of the team setting up GSK’s high-throughput genotyping core laboratory
  • First employee of KBioscience (founded by Phil Robinson & Jon Curtis in 2002)
  • Key driver in taking the company from small start-up to multinational service laboratory
  • Set up the DNA extraction service lab
  • Along with Phil Robinson and John Holme, set up the manufacturing process and facility
  • Responsible for the genotyping, DNA extraction, manufacturing and quality control teams over a 6-year period during which time genotyping grew in revenue to >$7.5m p.a.
  • Post-acquisition by LGC in 2011, Steve was appointed Global Director of Operations for LGC Genomics, responsible for over 100 staff in Europe and N.America
  • During a transition period at LGC Genomics, Steve also took on the role of Technical Services Director, responsible for technical support and R&D for the division
  • Once LGC changed owners in 2016, Steve took the opportunity take some time out to spend with family
  • Steve and John Holme talked about their desire to get back working in the industry doing the things they enjoyed most – namely R&D, product development, continuous improvement and liaising with customers.


IMG_0942 (2)  Dr John Holme - Technical Director

  • BSc Dual Honours Genetics and Microbiology, followed by an MSc in Industrial Biotechnology and finally a PhD Genetics and Physiology of Streptomycetes
  • Microscience Ltd. working on vaccine development
  • Joined KBioscience as employee number 3 in 2003
  • Head of the Technical Development group until 2011, John co-invented and led the development of products such as KASP™, KlearKall, KlearGene, KlearAmp and KlearTaq™
  • Products developed by John and his teams have brought in revenues in excess of $15m p.a.
  • Post-acquisition by LGC in 2011, John was appointed Head of Technical Group for LGC Genomics, which included R&D and technical support
  • Developed a dedicated technical support group within LGC Genomics, as this had previously been managed within R&D
  • Over 16 years practical and management experience within genomics, in the areas of R&D, process development, manufacture and QC, customer technical support and troubleshooting.