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3CR Bioscience are a team of focused scientists working towards providing high quality reagents at extremely competitive prices. With over 75 years of relevant experience in our leadership team, we believe that we are uniquely positioned to facilitate Our Vision… 

“Making Science Affordable”

NEW – PACE® Custom Pathogen Detection Kits

3CR Bioscience are now launching our custom pathogen detection kits using our patented PACE® technology for testing either DNA or RNA pathogens. For more information, please see our PATHOGEN KITS page.

Other 3CR Bioscience products include:

With our relationship with Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) now well established, we continue to provide free PACE® assay designs. We now also provide a pre-populated IDT ordering form for you to order your oligos from IDT and to receive the assays ready mixed in a plate, should you choose.


Some of the benefits of purchasing from 3CR Bioscience include:


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