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*New High-Throughput Instrumentation Range*

Introducing our exciting new range of high-throughput genotyping instrumentation

Making Science Affordable

With our leadership team’s long history of developing commercial products with substance, we believe 3CR Bioscience is uniquely positioned to facilitate our vision of making science affordable. Our products encompass PCR genotyping, molecular markers, pathogen detection, and more.
We specialise in developing high-performance products for various disciplines including plant, animal, human, and microbial genomics. We work alongside our customers to ensure our precision products are accessible and can be implemented effectively, regardless of budget or experience.

PCR genotyping

Accelerate your science

Grow your research, optimise productivity, relieve bottlenecks, and generate outstanding results with 3CR Bioscience. Discover cutting-edge innovation, advanced molecular biology tools, unrivalled technical support, and custom solutions to meet a diverse range of needs.

Technology leading genotyping reagents

Unlock the benefits of exceptional quality genotyping reagents, compatible with all allele-specific PCR assays, including PACE®, KASP™ and TaqMan®. Generate consistent, accurate data at any volume, with scalable and cost-effective solutions.

Take the guesswork out of marker development

Develop breeder-friendly markers rapidly from genomic variants such as SNPs and InDels with our free PACE assay design service and full or partial assay validation options. Accelerate your work, achieve your goals.

High-quality genotyping data, no purification needed

Obtain consistent, accurate genotyping data without sample purification, even from challenging or high-throughput starting material. Streamline your workflow and reduce costs and consumables without compromising data quality.

Rapid, sensitive pathogen detection

Customised precision technology for the fast, one-step detection of DNA and RNA-based pathogens. Proven efficacy and sensitivity across agricultural, veterinary, and medical applications.


Revolutionise your PCR genotyping with simultaneous detection of multiple targets in a single reaction. Reduce time, cost, and consumables with increased insight.

Industry leading support at every step

Access skills and knowledge that will maximise the rapid production of top-quality data routinely in your facility, regardless of its size or your level of experience.

Our results in numbers

Just some of the data on our industry leading reagent performance, assay development and customer service record.

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Plant Genomics
and Breeding

Paving the way for protected plant
diversity, sustainable agriculture, and enhanced
crop traits with PACE genotyping

Animal Genomics
and Breeding

Advancing animal health, breeding, and conservation with PACE genotyping 

Human Genomics
and Disease

Genotyping at the frontiers of human health, investigating human genomics and disease



PCR Allelic Competitive Extension

Our patented genotyping chemistry, PACE, is the latest in allele-specific chemistry. It provides consistent performance making it ideal for high-throughput genotyping applications. PACE genotyping master mixes are designed for use with PACE Genotyping Assays and are also compatible with pre-existing KASP™ and Amplifluor® assays

Unlike probe-based products such as TaqMan™, PACE assays only require un-labelled primer oligos to make up the PACE genotyping reaction, in combination with PACE Genotyping Master Mix. Watch our quick video explaining how PACE genotyping works.

All our master mixes are supplied at 2x concentration for convenience and contain ROX normalising dye at either high (500 nM working concentration), low (25 nM working concentration), standard ROX level (150 nM working concentration) or without ROX.

3CR Bioscience provides a free PACE assay design service plus full- or partial assay validation options to help you reduce the cost and turnaround time of your genotyping.

For Research and Development purposes only. Not for diagnostic use.

Legal Information
KASP™ is a trademark of LGC Biosearch Technologies
Amplifluor® is a registered trademark of Merck KGaA
TaqMan™ is trademark of Roche Molecular Systems, Inc.


PCR Allele Competitive Extension

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