Free assay design

3CR Bioscience Free Assay Design Service


We offer a free assay design service to help our customers reduce the cost and turnaround time of their genotyping.

Whether it is SNPs, InDels or another type of variant, send us your sequence and we will design genotyping assays for free using our ‘tried and tested’, in-house design software. We will send you the designed assay primer sequences to order from your preferred provider or through us. We also provide additional assay preparation and validation services for your assays.

Existing PACE® Master Mix customers can fill in the Customer Information and Customer Sequences pages of the PACE assay design submission template and email it to with your sequence(s) and targeted polymorphism(s), and we’ll design assays that are compatible with our PACE Master Mix.

The PACE assay design submission template includes four sheets:

  • Customer information – details of the user submitting the design request
  • Submission requirements – details of how to complete the Customer Sequences page
  • Example Layout – detailing examples of how to submit various types of sequence
  • Customer Sequences – blank template to be populated with your sequences for which you require assays to be designed
  • IUPAC codes – which are required if you have sequences with multiples markers

We will return to you a file with two sheets:

  • Designs – shows the oligo sequences, the allele definitions, Tm (°C) and GC content (%)
  • OligoOrderTemplate – lists the primer IDs and sequences, so that they can be copied and pasted directly into the IDT oligo ordering form to receive assays in plates, should you wish

Why use our free assay design service?

There are two simple reasons:

  • Cost – it is cheaper to order oligos individually from an oligo company such as IDT than it is to order ready made assays.
  • Experience – our design team has in excess of 40 years experience of designing and optimising primers for use in allele-specific PCR

Validated Assays

For customers that request validated PACE assays, please supply suitable DNA samples to validate the assays against, for which:

  • We require the completion of a DNA sample submission template
  • We will validate against a maximum of 48 samples (including at least 2 negative controls)
  • Please leave wells empty for negative controls
  • DNA should be supplied at a working concentration. If a higher concentration DNA is supplied, we will need to know the DNA concentration

With our relationship with Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) now well established, we continue to provide free PACE assay designs. We now also provide a pre-populated IDT ordering form for you to order your oligos from IDT and to receive the assays with all three oligo ready mixed in a well of a 96 well plate, should you choose.